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Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

This is an essential oil which has numerous health benefits which are attributed to its potent properties such as antiseptic, hypotensive, nervine, sedative, antiseborrheic, aphrodisiac, and aphrodisiac. This oil is widely used in aromatherapy and in making of cosmetic products. Ylang-ylang essential oil is derived from the flowers of ylang-ylang tree. This tree is found in the tropical rain forests of certain Asian countries and Islands such as Indonesia, Comoros, Polynesia, Sumatra, Java, and Philippines.

The main components of Ylang-ylang essential oil include benzyl benzoate linalool, geranyl acetate, p-cresyl methyl ether, benzyl acetate, and sesquiterpenes. These are the components which contribute to its medicinal and properties and aroma. This oil has a delicate and a pleasing fragrance which makes it useful in aromatherapy treatments and perfumes.

Health benefits associated with ylang-ylang essential oil


It is an effective agent for controlling blood pressure. It is used in lowering high blood pressure which has become a health epidemic among many people. It offers an effective natural solution to the major health problems associated with hypertension. This essential oil is safe for use since it does not cause any adverse effects on your health.


Seborrhoeic or seborrhoea eczema is one of the horrible diseases which are caused by malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands. It is a disorder which is mainly caused by infections affecting the epidermal cells and irregular production of sebum. It is a health condition which if very painful and looks very unattractive. It is characterized by a pale yellow or white skin. It can also lead to peeling off the dry and greasy layer of the skin, which mainly affects the scalp, eyebrows, and cheeks. Ylang-ylang essential oil is helpful in regularizing the production of sebum and treating of infections affecting the skin thereby reducing irritation of the skin.


It is used in fighting depression and relaxing both the soul and the body. This makes it useful in driving away chronic stress, anxiety, and sadness. Moreover, this essential oil is used in uplifting someone’s mood and inducing the feelings of hope and joy. It is used in the field of medicine in treating acute depression and nervous breakdowns after an accident or a shock.


This oil is used in booting the nervous system. Additionally, it is used in strengthening and repairing of the nervous system. You can also use this oil in reducing stress on our nerves as well as protecting the nervous system from developing some disorders.